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Aaron Lunger

Aaron Lunger


Aaron Lunger is an Electrical Engineer by day, husband, father, prop builder and cosplayer by night. Working within the confines of his “Batcave” as he likes to call it, he designs and builds props and cosplays for friends and family, as well as for the cosplay community at large. His favorites costumes range from video games, to anime, to superheroes, and has no problems cosplaying any character. He promotes cosplay positivity, and openness, while providing tips and insight to those with an interest in building. Always up for lending a hand, from brain storming, to building, to guidance, he openly tries to help those that ask for his advice. His favorite part about cosplay is meeting other cosplayers and prop builders, talking ‘shop’, and helping others build their costumes to make their dreams come true.



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October 26, 2018